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A three day online Pussy Power intensive for women who desire to be leaders of the feminine. For women who work with feminine energy and want to take it deeper, wider.

Pussy Power is undeniable.
It’s innate, and it can move mountains.

What you need to know is this is a 3 Day LIVE Online event. It all takes place over in the pop up Unleashed Facebook group.

There will be 3 Mavenclasses over the 3 days.


Pussy Power


Pussy Magic

Guided Self Yoni Massage

Pussy Wisdom

By the way, it's FREE!

Why? Because I want as many women as possible to have access to resources like this. For as many women as possible to be UNLEASHED.

There is so much juice here!

At every session will be a giveaway, just be there live to be eligible.

Plus extra lives, and content over the three days.

This is the place to be!

Unleashed is for the woman who wants to let go

To feel more. To know more. To let go of the stories that keep you small. To unleash the power that squats deep inside. To unleash the wisdom you hold.

This is for anyone who wants to stretch the boundaries of their comfort zone, wants to learn more about your ability to feel and receive sexual pleasure.  For any woman who serves the divine feminine.  Are you a coach, mentor, guide, therapist or teacher who serves women  and wants to bring a new depth to your service?  Unleashed is the place to be.  Are you a woman who just wants more.  Unleashed is the place to be.

Unleashed was first run 2 years ago, and was an absolute success with over 150 women in the room.

Register now to join me 19, 20 & 21 June for Unleashed

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Pussy Power

The power of the pussy.  This Mavenclass is unlike any other.  A Woman stepping into her power, is life changing.  Becoming unapologetic in your full sexual power is a necessity for any woman who desires change.  For any woman who desires more.  Understanding your Pussy Power allows you unleash.  To feel the rage, the anger, the grief, the pleasure, the pain, the joy, the abundance, the freedom.  To feel and embody it all.  To walk differently in your own shoes.  This Mavenclass is where we go to access that power? We descend to our pussy, to unleash.

19th June, 7:30pm AEST


Pussy magic

Guided Self Yoni Massage

Yes that’s right, a Yoni Massage guided by me, in real time on yourself.  This is an opportunity to explore your physical self in a new way.  To touch yourself with nurturing intention, with no goals or push for pleasure or orgasm.  This is purely about exploration, connection and self intimacy. To unleash new sensations, experiences and intimacies with yourself.  Why?  Because you are responsible for your pleasure, no one else.

20th June, 7:30pm AEST


Pussy Wisdom

We are innate sexual creatures.  It’s undeniable.  We are born sexual, and it is conditioned out of us.  Good girl, catholic schools, modesty and rape culture have all been very successful in supressing our sexual nature, desire and needs.  In becoming a Yoni Massage Practitioner I had no choice but to rewrite these, and unleash my sexual nature.  Pussy Widsom is how we do this.  Amplifying our intuition, learning to listen to our pussy, being led by her, allowing her to make decisions and putting down the fear. This Mavenclass is an unleashing.  Let her out.  Who are you beneath the stories and bullshit? What are your fantasies, your desires, how do you want to serve yourself, your relationships and the world through your innate sexual energy?

21st June, 7:30pm AEST


Unleashed is all about you!

To change the conversation, we need to have a conservation.

Learn, discover, re-educate ourselves and break down the taboos around our bodies, pleasure and sex. That’s the only way, that maybe one day booking in for your monthly Yoni Massage will be a normal as booking in for your monthly mani or pedi.  It starts with you.  Women have been suppressed and pleasureless for too long.  To quote Fleassy Malay, “We will not CUM quietly!”

Unleashed is a three day online intensive.  Coming back into the temple, back to learn the ancient ways of the priestess who initiated young men and women into their sexual power. Remembering the reverence that women are worthy of, and living in accordance with that as law.

Unleashed is for any woman who sees herself as, or desires to be in service to the feminine.  For any woman who works with women, and those who identify as women.  If you work with women, in literally any way, or desire to work with women, Unleashed is where you need to be.  Unleashed is unlike any other online masterclass.  This is big.  Really big.  You owe it to yourself to deepen into yourself, your service and finally to own who you are as a woman.  All of you.  To unleash her on the world.  To unleash the innate, magnetising power of your glorious pussy.  And own it. Unapologetically.


Join me for Unleashed

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