A chance to get in the room and uplevel like never before!

A bundle for the woman who is seriously ready for more in her life!

Over the last 2 years, I have held a number of incredible online workshops, retreats and masterclasses.

Maybe you even attended some of them. 

It has been transformational for over the 300 women combined who attended all of them.  

And I want that transformation to now be available to you. 

I have the perfect bundle of 4 incredible online workshops for you... 

The Ultimate Uplevel!

This special bundle has 4 incredible opportunities in it all for you. 

Move forward with enough tools, information and practices to connect you to your beautiful body, increase your self worth, connection to your heart and womb.  All in a way that is palpable, real and that will create change.

So, what do you get in the
Ultimate Uplevel bundle?

Pussy Portal

A self-guided two day online Pussy Portal retreat. To go deeper within from the comfort of your own couch.

Explore, learn and be guided through two days of Guest presenters and deep Pussy wisdom. 7 sessions, with a range of guest speakers covering everything from Pussy Love EFT, Womb journey, breast love, mindset and ecstatic dance and more.


A two day Pussy Power Intensive. Now this was an epic event.

This contains three sessions, Pussy Power, Pussy Magic and Pussy Wisdom. Experience guided practices like self Yoni Massage, meditation and connection with your sexual self. You even get to name your pussy! One not to miss.

Shameless Cover Image


Ooooh this was a delicious one. Diving head first into your shame.

To change the way you view yourself, feel about yourself, to feel genuine pleasure and joy in your service, you need to have a conversation about the truth. The truth of what it is to be a sexual woman, and then say yes to her power.

Let her move through you. Work through you. To lean into her, not shy away from her edges and desires.  Who would you be if you said yes to her. To being fully Shameless.

2 powerful sessions included in Shameless.

The Body Never Lies

Your body is your keeper. It has been there for it all. Your body holds and stores all your experiences and emotions. 

So in these 2 sessions thats where we go. Into the body.  We often abandon the physical body on our growth journey, but it’s actually exactly where we need to go. As Meggan Watterson says, to ascend, we must first descend.

Discover some great practical tools to use everyday to reconnect with your body and love yourself a little bit more everyday.

The body

Ultimate Plevel is personal power on  steroids!!

If you are ready to move forward in a whole new way, with life time access too ALL of the above content, that is FOURTEEN sessions!!!

Literally enough to keep you going for months.

Choose Your Uplevel Investment

Monthly Payment Plan

$139 AUD
  • 2 Month Payment Plan
  • Pussy Portal
  • Unleashed
  • Shameless
  • The Body Never Lies

Pay in Full

$277 AUD
  • Pay In Full
  • Pussy Portal
  • Unleashed
  • Shameless
  • The Body Never Lies

Fortnightly Payment Plan

$97 AUD
  • 3 Fortnightly Payment Plan
  • Pussy Portal
  • Unleashed
  • Shameless
  • The Body Never Lies

About Amy Towle

My name is Amy Towle.

midwife, personal coach & mentor, Sacral Somatics Therapist and trainer. I completed my Yoni Massage Practitioner training through Mangala Holland of Mystic Sex in Melbourne Australia in 2017.

I come to you with over a decade of midwifery experience, where I have held space for women to tap into their deep primal self and not only bring forth life, but realise their capabilities. Those that lie deep within.

For me, Sacral Somatics is an extension of that, and is an incredible tool to now work with all people to connect with a deep presence. Something so powerful it creates shifts, on many levels from the subtle to the life changing.

I bring a very nurturing and grounding presence to my work, as I work very closely with Gaia, Mother Earth. I approach everything with great compassion and value for vulnerability.

If you’ve gotten this far, it means you are ready for the Ultimate Uplevel.


Let’s do this.  You will receive a self-guided two day online Pussy Portal retreat, and 3 other intensive masterclasses to support you.  More than enough to get you uplevelling like never before.