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Sex Ed for Grown Ass Women

Class is in session ladies!!

In highschool they teach girls about periods, and boys about wet dreams. 

We live in a world where there is so much taboo around sex and pleasure that often we quite literally don’t know which way is up. 

We can’t teach to our to children because it will pervert them.

We can’t teach it to our teenagers because they will get pregnant. Then we don’t discuss it as adults because we carry so much shame around it, fear of rejection and just blindly hope for the best.

After 7yrs offering tantric bodywork to women, my clients have taught me a lot. One of the greatest things they have taught me, is how little women know about themselves. 

We have so few places where we can be curious and learn about sex. All about sex. The ins and outs. The anatomy, how things work. 

All the stuff you’ve always wondered if it was normal. If you were the only one.

How do I do this, how do I get my partner to try that...

So here it is. 

A place to do just that. 













Sex Ed for Grown Ass Women.

This is a 4 week online course, done in your pj’s at home.
Where you can learn all of the above and soooooo much more. 

Did you know

that 85% only orgasm through clitoral stimulation?

Did you know

 that 85% only orgasm through clitoral stimulation? the cervix moves up and down?

Did you know

 the 7 points of pleasure within your Yoni?

These are just some of the things we will be going over in Sex Ed for Grown Ass Women.

Join me for

4 live, online classes over 4 weeks.

We begin Tuesday 5th September 1:30pm AEST. 

Tuesday 12th September 1:30pm AEST

Tuesday 19th September 1:30pm AEST

Tuesday 26th September 1:30pm AEST

Not sure when that is in your time zone? Convert here.

All classes are recorded, and the recording will be emailed out to you, so if you can’t make it live you can catch up in your own time.

Each class will go for approx 1 hour, and will be run via Zoom. 


So what are we going to cover?



All about the Vulva

Anatomy, sensitivity, potential for pleasure, physical exploration, the truth about the clit and more



Let’s go inside

Points of pleasure, squirting, communication, self responsibilit



The truth about toys

Everything from vibrators, to silicone, glass, crystal and lubes.  Get the lowdown on what to use when and how.



Butt Stuff

The how, when, why, who, what and oh yeah of all things anal.


Pleasure is your responsibility.

No one else's.  It’s up to you to learn your body, so you can teach your partner what and how you like it.

So you create the sex life you desire.

Class is in session, let’s do this. Lets create a generation of grown ass women who know their bodies.




A $379

  • Payment in Full


A $139

  • x 3 Fortnightly Payments

About Amy Towle

Amy is a Registered Midwife with over a decade of experience across all settings of pregnancy, birth and postnatal care. Amy has worked in tertiary facilities all the way to the other end of the spectrum, and her passion in providing Home birth care for women. 

6 years ago Amy founded Temple of She, a space for willing women to come and explore their innate sexual nature. Amy began this with becoming a Yoni Massage Practitioner, and then created her own Gold Standard training for women who wish to become Yoni Massage Practitioners. Amy offers course, workshops and retreats for women to get to know who they are sexually and to unapologetically be visible in that.

She has a wealth of knowledge to offer, and is passionate about women taking ownership of their bodies, pleasure and power.

Sex Ed for Grown Ass Women

Starting 5th September