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One of the most common questions I get asked is how did I learn to love myself. How did I begin to embrace my body and become confident in it?

and the answer is...

Sexy Selfies!!

Yep, it was that simple.  I literally started playing, experimenting with taking selfies.  On my phone, nothing fancy, no equipment needed. 

And I started to see there was some photos I loved.  (Some of course I didn’t).  And I noticed how I felt taking them.  I felt AMAZING.  I saw myself through a new lens.  Through a lens of self acceptance, and believe it or not, turn on.

This shifted everything.

I began to feel sexy.

I experimented more, got more daring with my selfies, until I perfected the art of the Sexy Selfie.

So I invite you to join me for 7 days to a Sexy Selfie.

Let’s expedite this process, and get you loving yourself, feeling turned on and seeing yourself through a new lens in just 7 days.

Everyday for 7 days I will guide you through exactly what you need to do to take a sexy selfie.

Each day giving you more tips and tricks, ideas and sexy little poses to get you feeling it. So by day 7, I guarantee you will have a little collection of Sexy Selfies. And a whole new way to look at yourself.

EXCLUSIVE private online space!

To raise your self worth. Unleash your inner power. Experience more, know more, and shed the limiting stories.

This will all be done in an exclusive, TOTALLY private online space, called Mighty Networks.  Well away from the group spaces of Facebook where censorship is rife.

In this group, it’s just us, no sex police, nudity rules or patriarchal “community guidelines”.  This means each day you are going to have the option to show us how your doing. To inspire each other and feel the power and juice of being witnessed in your Sexy Selfie.

And there might even be a little challenge the end of who your going to send your Sexy Selfie too.

We start 14th June, 2023

It's time to reclaim our bodies,
our pleasure, and our power.



Hi, I'm Amy Towle

Greetings, I'm Amy, creator of Temple of She, a sacred space for women to delve into the depths of their being and uncover their authentic selves. As a practitioner of awakening, my work serves as a catalyst for women to unleash the boundless energy within. It is my passion to ignite this transformation, as it cascades into every facet of their existence, from their intimate relationships to their professional pursuits, from their artistic expression to their mothering, from their social connections to their relationship with self. In short, it ripples into every aspect of their lives.
As your guide on this 7-Day Sexy Selfie Challenege, I will hold a safe and intentional space for you to confront and shed any lingering shame and reclaim the pure essence of who you truly are. So come and join us in our Mighty Networks group.