Who Temple of She is for?

Are you a willing woman?

Temple of She is a space that I have created for women to take into, to explore their greater self, their most vulnerable self. And within this space I offer services at different levels of where you are at and how you can receive.

​My passion is working with the willing woman. A woman who is willing to go there. A woman who is willing to get down into her basement of fear and shit and all the negative self-beliefs she holds around herself, her body, her sexuality, her presence in the world and look at why she feels that way about herself. Look at the patterns that society and her upbringing have created for her to feel that way about herself. And to really pull apart the taboos that we have around our sexuality, our vaginas, our menstrual cycles, our orgasms, our ability to receive pleasure. I am about removing all the blockages that we have around that and why they are there in the first place.

​My work literally cracks women open and it it awakens them to this energy that is inside of them and that is why I do this work because it ripples into every single part of their life. Yes, it ripples into their sex life, however it also into their work life, their career, their creativity, how they mother, how they connect with people, how they connect with friends and how they connect with themselves. It helps them to end friendships that no longer serve them, it helps them to end relationships, and it helps them to step into another level of courage and openness with their partner and with one another.



So where did all of this started for me?

For as long as I could remember I always knew that I would be a midwife. I didn't know why or how I just knew that I always would become a midwife and I became that. I lived and breathed midwifery for ten years, it was my passion. It was the blood that ran through my veins and I held the space of birth for women in the biggest transformation that they experience in their lifetime. I held a space for them to physically birth souls into this physical existence and that was such an incredible sacred thing to witness time and time and time again. Then as with most things in life, I could see that I was shifting and that something was changing in me and I also had this belief that I needed to suffer before I could awaken.

Because of my belief, I experienced my 'Dark Night of the Soul' and I experienced a Witch Hunt. So for the next 12 months I went through my Dark Night of the Soul and I was broken down into the darkest deepest parts of myself and experienced things that I never thought were possible. I was being persecuted for the Midwife that I was. I was being persecuted for being a Midwife who recognised birth as sacred and held space for that transformation and through this I found my spirituality and my courage as a spiritual woman. This is what got me through.

During this time I could have turned to prescription drugs, I could have signed up to ten years of psychology, I could have done a million and one things that were offered to me. Yet my heart called for a Spiritual Mentor instead. She presented herself to me and that transformed me. That showed me the courage that I needed and had to step forward into every day. I had to step through my Dark Night of the Soul, to the other side, where I discovered this whole other part of me which allowed me to birth the Temple of She. This allowed me to take the sacred space of birth and transform it into a sacred space for women birthing everything in their life, not just babies.


I know that every single woman out there has this incredible power within her that can transform her life, her work and everything that she wants, simply by activating this power that is already inside herself.

​With so much love

Amy xx



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